Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting to know the blogger #1

Hi friends and fellow bloggers! I'm very new at this and wanted to introduce myself as Brie; short for Brittany. I'm a young 23 year old housewife and aspiring editor. I have many passions in life and spend my days gaming, reading, writing or editing for fanfiction authors, and just looking after my small family and friends.
Because my life is 'action packed' I don't devour books like I use to and getting one 400 to 600 page novel in a month is good for me. My goal for the is set a mere twelve books, so that's one a month and shouldn't be all that hard but I'm behind. After moving things should settle down and I can pick up two new books and complete the one I currently have on hold, Amen, L. A.
Im in coming month I shall be posting reviews of Exposed by Kimberly Marcus and The Other Side of Dark by Joan Lowery Nixon.

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